Who's Michael Longfellow? Michael Longfellow is a stand up comedian, writer, actor, and most of all, stepson based in Los Angeles.  Michael started performing at the young age of 18 while going to college in Arizona - he hasn’t stopped since. While in AZ, Michael was a regular at the Tempe Improv and Stand Up Live in Phoenix, hosting and featuring for the headlining acts coming through. Eventually one of those acts made Michael move to Los Angeles. In a new city with no friends Michael was scared but kept on trucking. He did shows, met people & even got into Kombucha, he loves that stuff now. Eventually he was lucky enough to get some opportunities that made the move a little easier, opportunities like the Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail or small appearances on Seeso's program Hidden America with Jonah Ray. Now he's full blown Los Angeles and couldn't be happier. Over the last five years, Michael has been honing his distinct rolling delivery and playful charm on stage, now its very distinct and very playful. He even went to Atlanta and placed 2nd at the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival recently, he's very happy about it and I should know... I am him.